Name: sfos-patch-settings-fix-startup-lag

Display name: Reduce settings app lag

Author: ichthyosaurus

Updated at: June 15, 2023, 3:04 p.m.




Description: This patch reduces the startup time of the settings app, which is painfully slow without the patch.

The lag is not actually fixed but rather delayed and split up. This doesn't make the app more beautiful but it makes it much less annoying to open it.

This patch is one in a series of patches that make it more bearable that I have to restart the network all the time since SFOS 4.x. Without the patch, I had to wait up to ten seconds until I could push the "restart network" button on the utilities settings page. With the patch and a shortcut in the top menu, the page becomes interactive almost immediately.

Rating: 2

Total activations: 114