Name: sfos-patch-keyboard-georgian-layout

Display name: Georgian keyboard layout

Author: ichthyosaurus

Updated at: April 17, 2023, 10:34 a.m.




Description: This patch adds a new Georgian (Mchedruli) keyboard layout.

A full Latin layout is availble on the second and third keyboard pages to allow mixing Georgian and Latin scripts more quickly. Many special characters are available if you long-press a key.

The new layout includes an extra row of keys. Therefore I recommend installing the smaller keyboard patch (1) which reduces the default height of the keyboard so it does not take as much space on the screen.

Note: the keyboard has a special key on the symbols page for switching to the emoji keyboard. You can use the color emoji patch (2) to be able to use all emojis with skin tone variations, etc. If no emoji keyboard is enabled, the key lets you quickly switch between the current and the last used character keyboard.

Credits: the keyboard layout was originally written by gamag (3) and gets occasionally updates from ichthyosaurus (4).


Rating: 1

Total activations: 2