Name: sfos-patch-keyboard-configurable-height

Display name: Configurable keyboard height

Author: ichthyosaurus

Updated at: April 14, 2023, 2:04 p.m.




Description: This patch allows to configure the height of keyboard rows, and the vertical position of the whole keyboard.

Using the keyboard on phones with a “long” display like the Xperia 10 can be quite uncomfortable. This patch allows you to move the entire keyboard higher up on the screen to make it easier accessible without having to lose grip.

On the other hand, phones like the Xperia X with smaller displays can benefit from a smaller keyboard, so you can see more of the screen while typing.

This patch replaces three of my other patches: keyboard for “long” phones (1) like Xperia 10, smaller keyboard (2), and higher keyboard rows (3).

If you installed one of them through the Patchmanager Web Catalog, please remove it manually before applying this new patch.

After installing the patch, you can select a preset from the pull-down menu or apply custom values.

_Thank you!_ JacekJagosz (4), Edz (5) kuba77 (6), rdomschk (7), nephros (8), and theyosh (9) all contributed to ealier versions of the patches replaced by this one.


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