Name: sailfishos-patch-aliendalvik-back-gesture

Display name: Back-Button Gesture for Android-Apps

Author: jakibaki

Updated at: June 1, 2018, 2:31 a.m.


This patch adds an gesture for hitting the back-button in android-apps (alien-dalvik).

Before using you'll need to install Aliendalvik-Control by Coderus from openrepos (

If you want to permanently disable the "normal" menubar you'll have to add

qemu.hw.mainkeys = 1

to /opt/alien/system/build.prop

I didn't add this in this patch because this file differs between devices.

Disabling the menubar results in the keyboard overlapping with part of the android-window so if that bothers you you can download an android-keyboard (I'm using gboard) and enable it in the settings app under "Aliendalvik Control"

If you want to use Launcher Combined Patch with this you'll have to enable it before enabling this patch.
If you want to disable Launcher Combined Patch disable this patch before disabling Launcher Combined patch.

Usage: It's kind of like a pull-down-menu.
If you want to trigger the back-button pull up the launcher from the bottom edge a bit (half a centimeter is already enough) and drop it while the button is at max-opacity.
If you want to open the launcher as usual pull it up a little further.

If you have any questions/suggestions you can reach me at

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