Name: sailfishos-default-allowed-orientations-patch

Display name: Default allowed orientations patch

Author: elros34

Updated at: Oct. 21, 2022, 5:24 p.m.

Description: Enable orientations defined in dconf /desktop/sailfish/silica/default_allowed_orientations for all applications.

Value is decimal representation of 4bit binary number: (InvertedLandscape|InvertedPortrait|Landscape|Portrait)
For example 3 means (0b0011) so Landscape and Portrait only orientations.

To prevent orientations override for particular application add "property bool preventOrientationsOverride: true" to main qml like this:

It contains also fix for rotation bug in lipstick code introduced in sailfish 3.3.0 (sic!)

Rating: 12

Total activations: 2081