Name: return-old-incoming-call-screen

Display name: Return old incoming call screen

Author: kuba77

Updated at: July 15, 2021, 4:20 p.m.



Description: This patch return the old incoming call screen with pulley menus which was replaced in SFOS 3.4. Some texts are forced in English, because Jolla removed the strings from translations so if you have system in another language than English, it will look like on the screenshot (my system is in Czech language). Maybe later I will try to solve translation.

In SailfishOS 4 because of sailjailed/firejailed main apps, it may need to enable the patch this way:
install patch from web catalog, don't apply the patch in Patchmanager (if you did, unapply it) and then in terminal use this command:

devel-su patch -R -p1 -d / -i /usr/share/patchmanager/patches/return-old-incoming-call-screen/unified_diff.patch

and answer y to all questions.

Before you do upgrade to newer version of SailfishOS (e.g. 4.2), run again the command above or reinstall whole calling app with

devel-su zypper in -f voicecall-ui-jolla voicecall-ui-jolla-settings

to revert callscreen to default one for prevent a possible problem with call screen after upgrade OS. After upgrade OS, if you don't want to wait, you can try apply the patch again if it will be successful or show error. I use SailfishOS on device (Xiaomi) with community port of SailfishOS so there is some delay before I can upgrade to newer SFOS compared to official supported devices (especially if you use EA).

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