Name: patch-glass-everywhere

Display name: Glass Backgrounds Everywhere

Author: nephros

Updated at: Jan. 19, 2024, 6:24 a.m.



Description: An attempt to make the UI more like traditional glassy Jolla UI and less like the flat things from OMP and elsewhere.

Turns background glass pattern larger where present, and adds it wherever possible. In fact, it is there in most places, but so small it is barely visible. This returns it to sizes more suitable for modern high-resolution screens.

After all "The visual style is [...] based on metaphors of glass and shining light." (Jolla UX Design Principles)

Call for Action: I have tried to get the Events View also glassy, but failed. Anyone know how to achieve that?
Note: conflicts with "Glass Covers", but has much the same look.

Rating: 5

Total activations: 661