Name: disable-kalman-filter-jollac-aquafish

Display name: Disable Kalman Filter Jolla C/Aquafish

Author: toxip

Updated at: May 26, 2018, 10:58 a.m.




Description: A simple patch to improve touchscreen responsiveness by disabling kalman filter on Jolla C/AquaFish

This works only on Jolla C/AquaFish. Jolla tablet and Jolla 1 don't use kalman filter.

For the Inoi R7 version check the web catalog


This tampers with a critical file droid-hal-device.conf. If something goes wrong the device might not boot. There should be no risk in using the patch but I make no guarantees. Should the device fail to boot, restore droid-hal-device.conf under /var/lib/environment/compositor to its original state in recovery mode.

Use at your own risk!!!

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